Survivor Stories

A good scary time

My wife and I went ourselves and had a great time! We like scary movies, if you cant handle a scary movie then this attraction might be pushing your boundaries. If you can it is a damn good time! The staff were super friendly and polite and a great entertainment while we waited to enter.


Wellington, New Zealand

Have been to many horror interactions, this is one of the best.

Just got back from fear factory. Surprisingly, quite terrifying! Me and my partner love a good scare.

This is one of the best horror experiences we’ve had! It’s short and sweet (30 minutes) but terrifying!

You’re put in complete darkness for the entire experience and have to use your hands to feel your way through. All the while people touch, grab, breath on and chase you! Great fun and highly recommend if you’re after a quick scare. You’ll scream at least once!

Logan D

Legitimately scared

This haunted house is the most well done one I have ever been to. I have been to many in Los Angeles/Hollywood area and none compare. I thought it’d be impossible for me to get scared, but it worked. If you have some down time this place is a must visit!

Arianna J