Fear Factory offers visitors a unique entertainment experience…real life fun and scares in the heart of Wellington! 

Complete with live actors and impressive special effects, guests dare to walk the dark hallways – can they make it through or do they call ‘Chicken’? It’s their individual adventure to experience. 

Fear Factory is a family owned and operated business, and has at its heart screams and laughter in equal measure!

A hit with international visitors and locals alike, this thriving business is now expanding into Wellington, continuing it’s winning formula of live fun and thrills.




16 Years & Under


2 Adults and 2 Kids

Will You Chicken Out?

people already have!

Are you brave enough to survive the terror that lies within our Haunted Hallways?

If you decide you’ve had enough scream ‘CHICKEN’ and we’ll bring you back to the exit early, you’ll then be added to our ever growing Chicken Counter!

Horror fantastic!

I am a horror freak. I love this sort of thing. I’ve done haunted houses many times, but this was one of the best. Adrenalin inducing freak out of the best kind!!

Nick M – 5 stars!


Scary But Enjoyable

Really scary but enjoyable, staff are super friendly as you check in and do an amazing job while you are in the house. I would definitely do it again!!!

sarah l – 5 stars *****
Brisbane, Australia





If you want to have the fright and laugh of your life this place is it. My husband teenage son and I did it and they made me go first. It was so creepy I was crying and laughing at the same time. At one stage I wanted to curl up and rock like a baby on the floor. This was definitely worth the money and then to see the video and photos set us off into fits of laughter again. I screamed so loudly the people waiting behind us left. Bloody fun time